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Stadtplatz 7, 3270 Aarberg, Aarberg, Bifang, Switzerland
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Besuche unsere Reservierungsseite, um einen Tisch im PIAZZA 7 Sette zu reservieren, das du unter Stadtplatz 7, 3270 Aarberg, Aarberg, Bifang, Switzerland findest. Verpasse nicht die Chance, die exquisiten kulinarischen Kreationen zu genießen. Ein Anruf bei +41323921137 reicht für die Reservierung.

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4 /5 Bewertung

The nice familiar ambience goes on by the management of the younger part of the Family.The patron still offers Events on request in the evenings, but the opening times limit in a way the access to this beautifull place.

3 /5 Bewertung

the day-menue pork with gratin were super, also other dishes. but the pizzas (3 pieces) on our table were eaten only to a third. the diligent and the ham were very good, but all the other ones were simply unthinkable. the anchovy had an untypical beside taste, as well as the artichokes. the chamignions taste for vinegar. much too little cheese and no seasoning at all. when complaining at the host, he said that the champignions were marinated, we should have sued immediately, he would have made new. in a restaurant where you are kindly served and well cooked, I expect more of a pizza in a pizzeria. that we are used to in aarberg. for normal yes, but for pizzen I can not recommend the hunter. I taste the best pizzas from the large spreader. that could be done with fresh ingredients.

4 /5 Bewertung

lust on a fine pizza - there you are in the jäger exactly right. or rather a good piece rindsfilet - this is also possible and the quality is correct. uncomplicated warm and attentive service. sometimes the adult children of the sympathetic, ground-level wete pair help. And in a fine Italian red, even personal things are exchanged. Special wishes are of course fulfilled. the pizza always has the right floor consistency: crispy, not too thick and the lining also agrees: not overloaded and not too little. the selection of pizzas is very large and you have to take the first time to read the map until you know it after a few times. a pleasant uncomplicated place from which you can take the pizza also with you to the house - and also then it is still crispy!

4 /5 Bewertung

in the beautiful,romantic town aarberg is really worth it for outdoors and tourist a stop with a cozy sightseeing walk.And if I stay in town, I very much like to go in restaurant jäger.

4 /5 Bewertung

we tried two different lunches and bede were good. the service was nice, the ambiente in restaurant also. spargelravioli with fresh austerity and carving pommes frites. the thin cut carving has made us very tasted, the ravioli were excellent.We have eaten gratitude even in the evening there, and it was good.

3 /5 Bewertung

I've known this restaurant for longer. used to eat regular pizza and must say the pizzas are really delicious. but everything else leaves to be desired. was just there last time and was totally disappointed. we had spaghetti with garnel. the spaghetti were unworn and had no sauce, although it stood as spaghetti with garlic oil in the card. the food tasted nothing. we also got parmesan only on request. brot left. the first lady who served us was very friendly and accommodating. after that served us another lady who somehow didn't smile for the guests and it didn't seem necessary to offer us the dessert card or ask for a coffee. the restaurant has very lost its charm, which is really a pity! otherwise the situation is very pretty, as it is in the stedtli aarberg.

3 /5 Bewertung

long waiting time, ask for several times, eat very well.A bit more attention for the hospitable!

5 /5 Bewertung

I've eaten a couple of times in this restaurant once we asked for the menu of the day with a delicious soup of first, the food was excellent but surely the star dish are the pizzas