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Reserviere über unsere benutzerfreundliche Seite Bistrot Crescenda, die du bequem unter Bundesstrasse 5, 4054 Basel, Switzerland findest. Verwöhne dich mit saftigen Aromen und tadellosem Service. Rufe +41612718484 an, um sofort einen Tisch zu buchen.

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4 /5 Bewertung

Lunch on a sunny day in the lovely garden of the bistrot. The Greek moussaka (standard and vegi versions) and Greek salad, as well as the tzatziki were delicious! The msnager (who had cooked today) was very nice and came out to talk to us when she heard about our Greek background.I definitely recommend this hidden gem!

4 /5 Bewertung

I have eaten twice in creamscenda at lunchtime and it was always very tasty and spicy. the chefs are immigrants, therefore eating authentic and you realize that they have to give themselves.

3 /5 Bewertung

we were here on a Thursday, just before midday. there were no guests outside us there and although we wanted only one coffee, the service was stressed.The coffee was good and fast there.Leider can only be paid with cash.

4 /5 Bewertung

to thema miami fusion we experienced an exceptionally great evening in the beautiful garden of Crescenda-Bistrots. the buffet à discretion was varied and lavish, unfortunately the likes were too quickly filled or crowded. a great compliment to the host this evening! pity that these special occasions take place only in summer!

1 /5 Bewertung

integrationsprojekt ok, but not so obviously unprofessional. the two ladies are rather shy, one does not even bring a "good tomorrow" over the lips. the offered american brunch has nothing American, but some (also good, exotic foods that are not written. the cheese sweats on the sun, the nespresso machine naja. the 3-minute egg is rather a 1-minute egg, as the waitress has disappeared, we bring it back to the kitchen. neither do we get a new egg, nor hear and see it until our soon end. our conclusion: although beautiful garden, but much too expensive for what it was and the innocence of the employee is not charming to call. Too bad, you could make a lot more of it.

4 /5 Bewertung

I recently came across an offer for a vegan American brunch at a place called the Bistrot Crescenda saying there would be actual pancakes, muffins, bread, jam, omelettes, fruit salad, the lot. Hard to imagine for a non-vegan, so out of curiousity I went and gave it a try. A fortunate decision, as it turned out. The pancakes were incredible, unbelievably rich and light at the same time, there were excellent banana-and-chocolate muffins and the fruit was not just your habitual less-than-fresh salad that is mostly sitting on brunch buffets but a choice of fresh, spicily fragrant pineapple, sweet rock melon with a slight tang of marjorie and oranges sprinkled with splinters of pecan nuts and mint. The bread tasted home-made and there was hummus and other vegan spreads to go with it apart from the usual butter, jam, honey and the like. Coffee came from the little Nespresso machine, so no further comment needed.Not surprisingly, it was all gone before I even thought of taking pictures, with the exception of a poor lonesome muffin you see attached that we simply couldn't finish (but were encouraged to take along by the cook who was delighted to have someone try her vegan version of the brunch.) Staff were friendly in general, all women, and the whole took place in the cosy and surprisingly quiet little back garden of the bistro which is located in an early 20th century mansion-styled building just off a rather busy side street only about 15 mins walk away from Basel's main station.A very recommendable experience in all if not exactly cheap at around 40 dollars each.

4 /5 Bewertung

the istrot crescenda is guided by migrants from all over the world - accordingly colorful is the food offer, where the menu contains 3 dishes every day.The eating was authentic exotic and very good, the service very charming (although inexperienced, however not disturbed) and the atmosphere relaxed.Gerne Wiederps: so much I know, there is a brunch on Sunday

4 /5 Bewertung

lunch on a sunny day in the beautiful garden of the bistrot. the Greek moussaka (standard and Vegi versions) and the Greek salat as well as the tzatziki were delicious! the msnager (who had cooked today) was very nice and came out to talk to us...when she belonged to our Greek background. I recommend this hidden gem!