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Steinengraben 42, 4051 Basel, Switzerland
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Mit nur wenigen Klicks auf unserer Reservierungsseite kannst du dir ein unvergessliches Essenserlebnis im Restaurant Golden Gate sichern, das sich auf Steinengraben 42, 4051 Basel, Switzerland befindet. Verwöhne dich mit üppigen kulinarischen Meisterwerken. Sichere einen Tisch durch Anrufen von +41612724277.

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4 /5 Bewertung

we had a season ending of our curling club and I chose the Golden Gate as an organizer this year. as it has now turned out to be a very good choice.We assen the traditional tatarenhut à discrètion and everything was served in great quality and really extensive quantities. which complains it is only speck on the plate I really have to repeat. there was a lot of meat and we could have had more. we were also optimally supervised by the service staff and all our members enjoyed it very well. I can recommend the restaurant without notice.

5 /5 Bewertung

for more than 10 years I have been in the restaurant golden gate in basel and enjoying the speciality tartaren hat and always to my fullest satisfaction. You get more than enough meat mi top quality wonderful various supplements and you can always eat as much as you want. the service is friendly,competent and always there for the guests. the chef personally informs the guests about his speciality tartaren-keeper. also you can enjoy a very good wine in the golden gate to reasonable trips. all in all highly recommended .

5 /5 Bewertung

Super Tatarenhut!Alles à discrètion. Mega. Wir hatten dieses Weihnachtsessen mit dem Unternehmen (65 Personen), es war für alle ein bisschen großartig. Persönlich und Essen top.Wir kommen wieder.

5 /5 Bewertung

Wir hatten am Samstag das Geschäftsessen mit 50 Leuten im Golden Gate. Wir hatten die legendäre Tatarenhütte. Es war einfach der Hammer und super. Persönlich top und super freundlich. Anschließend kommen wir sofort wieder.

1 /5 Bewertung

we were there in a group to taste tartaren hut a discretion. now you had to ask the rude operation x times after the flee! well, we would have eaten a little more, but at this tact time it was 23 o'clock and then the chef came up and said now is about closing! the dike was qualitatiw ok, but the half of the teller was always filled with cheap speck, instead of pork or calf meat. from salatbuffet there is no trace, there is only a mixed salat soaked in sauce at the beginning. the ventilation does not work well, after which the dresses are properly smoked.

3 /5 Bewertung

I was in golden gate for the first time and had eaten tartarenhut. eating was very good, service very friendly and courteous. price rather high - but you can also eat as much as you want. atmosphere and interior design could be optimized - does not seem very welcoming at first sight! were very satisfied with the evening and would like to come back!

5 /5 Bewertung

we had a beautiful evening with our company in september in the golden gate with 80 people tatarenhut. service staff and the chef had served us sensationally. we will reclaim the hospitality of the public.We wonder what certain people can spread in the trip advisor? (negative ratings) is that envy? we were super served. again and again.

3 /5 Bewertung

were several times in the golden gate that eating in a group is really good and fun. but as far as the service is concerned, it is really not good. in particular the chef is very arrogant and research. had to cancel a meal once due to illness and called on the morning that we cannot come and the chef has reacted very ingeniously and just hanged up the phone. very unfriendly, I have not been going any more since then!