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Pannierstraße 5, Berlin, Germany
445 Bewertungen 4.4

Erlebe den Komfort unserer Reservierungsplattform für Tristeza unter Pannierstraße 5, Berlin, Germany. Reserviere deinen Tisch mühelos und genieße reibungslose Tischreservierungen. Reservierungen sind nur einen Anruf entfernt bei +493027497066.

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Montag 18:00 - 03:00

Dienstag 18:00 - 03:00

Mittwoch 18:00 - 03:00

Donnerstag 18:00 - 03:00

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5 /5 Bewertung

love this bar so much. I found it accidentally with my friends. the beers are goo and cheap, barkeepers are friendly! I've been there several times in two weeks.

5 /5 Bewertung

one of the most beautiful bars in berlin. always a good aim to meet new people in a friendly and welcoming context. also it's dead cheap!

4 /5 Bewertung

bier and local .war good. they have thick fingerfries is really good.

4 /5 Bewertung

great place to have a good beer and a cold with friends. will be quite loud and disgusting, but I loved the vibe. recommend they arrive a little earlier if they wish to sit, but there is always room to press if they like to stand.

4 /5 Bewertung

Cheap beer, chill music, and kicker in the basement. No frills place to throw a few back and catch up with your friends. Theres nothing great here and nothing to complain about the perfect dive. For me, that makes it worth coming back to.

4 /5 Bewertung

It is a punk pub with good quality cheap beers, smoking friendly.. All you need to have a relaxed conversation

4 /5 Bewertung

Nice place. Some one tried to take my jacket more than twice so be careful.

3 /5 Bewertung

Really great drink prices and selection and nice friendly staff members. It 's super smoky inside.. even in the smoke free section . If you don 't mind smoke then you will be fine. Also for me, a queer black woman, the times I 've visited the crowd wasn 't very diverse. Other than that nice place.