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rue du Pré-de-la-Fontaine 19, 1242 Satigny, Genève, Switzerland
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Verwirkliche deine kulinarischen Träume im le sixième, das sich auf rue du Pré-de-la-Fontaine 19, 1242 Satigny, Genève, Switzerland befindet, mit unserer benutzerfreundlichen Reservierungsseite. Tauche ein in die Welt der köstlichen Gerichte, die deine Geschmacksnerven erfreuen werden. Eine Reservierung gewünscht? Wähle +41227823177.

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3 /5 Bewertung

well located close to many companies and with park squares, it could be a nice restaurant for a lunch on the thumb but there is much waiting! arrived at 12:15, we ordered for salmon tartars. Tartars arrived at 1:05. and toasts over 1:30! So we ended up eating without. It's a shame because the kitchen is simple but good. We won't go back.

5 /5 Bewertung

accustomed to the restaurant, I enjoy every time going! The service is of quality, smiling and pleasant! with regard to the kitchen, I never had anything to say, both in the visual and in the tastes, and a very fast service, less than 15 minutes to order and be served. I strongly recommend this establishment that offers a high quality price to the top.

3 /5 Bewertung

the kitchen is simple and good, sometimes waiting problems 40 minutes for a dish of the day it makes a little long.

4 /5 Bewertung

two steps from our work place, we find ourselves there sometimes between glues. located in the 6th floor as its name suggests, it is a nice restaurant or we eat well. The sambaince is fairly neutral which allows to come there anytime and with anyone.

2 /5 Bewertung

We were used to this restaurant at noon because not far from work. only since the change of boss the restaurant has lost interest at all levels. The waitresses who were great are no longer there. there is almost no one at noon and yet the waiting is long. The cook didn't hold and the hygienic level was not terrible. the play of the day melted from before and the price did not diminish it. the prices on the map are up and the quality not at the rdv. brief I'm very disappointed, and we're almost out there. the company restaurant located just across from the 6th or is cheaper, good and well served.

4 /5 Bewertung

very nice, beautiful view of the jura (just a little loud) for a lunch on the thumb. friendly staff. Nothing to say.

4 /5 Bewertung

The resto is nice, the view of the pleasant jura, the friendly service, but I find a bit long for the noon.We went there several times, but we have to take at least 1h15 of pause the noon time. But we go there occasionally with pleasure and my colleagues are rafting burgers! Attention, we have to call before going because it's not always open.

4 /5 Bewertung

good value quality price and more nice welcome! the view on the jura is great, by favorite tale the tables at the entrance because the room is a little noisy.