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Hauptstrasse 40a | 7516 Maloja, Maloja 7516, Switzerland
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Wir würden uns freuen, Sie bei uns in unserem Restaurant willkommen zu heißen! Ihre Reservierung sichert Ihnen einen Platz zu Ihrer Wunschzeit und mit der gewünschten Anzahl an Plätzen. Gäste nutzen kostenlos einfach unsere komfortable Formular zur online Tischreservierung oder reservieren Sie per Telefonnummer. Aufgrund der aktuellen Hygieneauflagen sind wir ohnehin verpflichtet, die Kontaktdaten unserer Gäste nachverfolgbar zu machen. Helfen Sie uns Ihnen zu helfen, in dem Sie einfach rechtzeitig buchen.

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5/5 Rating average

What an incredible hide away in the mountains. This Family establishment with its rich history has transformed beyond ones imagination. Tucked away in the quiet town of Maloja lies Hotel Longhin. The 1st thing when one lays eyes upon it is its unique architecture, This modern yet traditional Swiss look and feel, Everything from the entrance to the sauna gives off its unique signature. Run by Europe's youngest hoteliers Longhin has a unique Ora that is rather rare to find in the conservative Graubunden. The 1st impressions in Longhin was its super friendly staff who greeted with smiles and kindness, followed by swift and efficient service, the restaurant is spacious and loads of open spaces with exceptional views, accompanied by a diverse menu of European and Swiss cuisine. One thing that stuck out for me was the family element, its a family run establishment and this sense of family flows though your entire experience at Loghin from kids drawing on drawing charts to waiters mentoring young enthusiasts about setting up a dinner table, they would even join in at times,Pets are welcome too, it is by far one of the most relaxed and friendly places Ive very booked with a very inter personal relationship with the staff one really feels like part of the family at home and not as a guest with a room number and for me personally that is the best trait Lognhin has achieved.

1/5 Rating average

18th Febuary 2017, we booked at 7pm (4 adults and 6 children.) When we arrived, on time, there were just a few other tables taken. We got the menus and ordered straight away. Within 20-25 minutes the adults got the starters. The children were still waiting as they only ordered 1 dish. The lady that dealt with us was fairly smiley and accommodating, she even changed the first 2 bottles of wine without a blink, as they were corked. At around 7.50pm we started asking about the children food. We were told several times "it's coming." Nothing arrived, despite the repeated questioning, till around 8.20 Whilst waiting we got told a couple of times, with a good dose of attitude, the one thing that no customer ever wants to hear: "the restaurant is full Sir! Can you not see,?" as if it had been our choice to put so many tables in it or to take so many bookings. Rule number 1 of good hospitality...only do what you can handle and do it with a smile! At 8.20 two plates eventually showed up and it was again food for the adults. At that point one of us, a lady, questioned why they keep bringing food for us when we told them so many times, "please get the pizzas out for the kids as we already had our starter." The new waiter Kathi (soon to be discovered as the owner) looked at us while still holding the plates and cracked the punch line: "hey, do you want to eat or not?" mimicking the possibility of taking the food back to the kitchen had we hinted no! Nearly wishing for it. This all conversation happened in Italian and we made it clear that we were not impressed by her being rude and out of line. Kathi stared at us very irritated, as if we were unwanted paying guest at her own home. You know that very welcoming feeling you get at those places run with no love/passion where they see each customer as a banknote. The conversation got heated as she wouldn't have it "I said nothing wrong! you are unreasonable if you think that we can serve food faster that 1.5 hours from you sitting down when we are so full!." We then switched to English as obviously her Italian was not good enough to get the point across. The partner (co-owner) stormed out of the kitchen asking what was going on. They started chatting in German, it was then that they served their best dish! yes some of us spoke German too and understood! Can you believe it? We didn't manage to make them understand the meaning of the word rudeness in 3 different languages! .Kathi and Dominik quickly took a very important executive decision showing their proficiency in the art of hosting: took the plates and asked us to leave! I don't want to bore you any further: if you are looking for a pretentious, over priced, stuck up place where you are treated as an unwanted guest then come and spend your dollar at Longhin Maloja...you won't be disappointed!!Where money flow easy and abundant, you become just a number, that applies to many businesses and here they are masters at it.Anon