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Zahling Bobisberggasse 20, 7562 Eltendorf, Mogersdorf, Austria
121 Bewertungen 4.5

Besuche unsere Reservierungsseite, um einen Tisch im AN-ALAPANKA-MA HERBERGE GmbH zu reservieren, das du unter Zahling Bobisberggasse 20, 7562 Eltendorf, Mogersdorf, Austria findest. Verpasse nicht die Chance, die außergewöhnlichen kulinarischen Kreationen zu genießen. Buche deinen Tisch mit einem Anruf an +43332522544.


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5 /5 Bewertung

at last let the souls baumeln, kulinarik vom Feinsten!The menu was, as always excellent, with taste nuances that delight the palate and the souls! it is an experience to eat here and to stay!We thank sylvia, peter and fritz and wish you a lot more joyful arkadenhofh

4 /5 Bewertung

we were together with friends on a wonderful summer evening in the garden of the Alapanka-Ma and enjoyed the vegetarian surprise menu, where each of the many walks was accompanied and lovingly explained by a suitable drink. the look into the original garden, the quality of the offered foods with the many surprising taste notes and the very loving and professional service made the evening a real experience!

5 /5 Bewertung

every year we enjoy my man's birthday dinner with friends and are always very enthusiastic about the creativity and friendliness. we are coming back

5 /5 Bewertung

we have come to this juwel by a friend and have now become masters! Eating, as well as the atmosphere are not too exaggerated. the owners sylvia, peter and fritz are a proffessionel playful team and pamper the guests from kitchen and cellar!MAN must have been there SEIN!A reviewer has written there must be 6 points given, we can only agree!Thank you three cordial

5 /5 Bewertung

a vegetarian surprise menu and the appropriate drinks (depending on your request with or without alcohol) prepared and served with a class. Although we appeared an hour too early, we were greeted and welcomed. aperitif in front of the fireplace, then one floor after another in best quality and with surprising notes in taste. every walk was lovingly explained, even a look into the spicy kitchen was granted to us. the appealing and artistic ambiente strengthened the effect of the spears positiw. compliment on this one-time performance!

4 /5 Bewertung

the atmosphere was unique, - the food was great! - of course the hostes, family mies and friedrich were very friendly to us. so it could have been one of the most beautiful vegetarian / vegan experiences we've ever had....if there wasn't the secret:AN-ALAPANKA-MA is supposed to be a understood one to find out. Usually you will think briefly and then give it up. not so I: I was spared another holiday in the steirerhof a bit, because I could not sleep anymore. I wanted to be the first to advise you and then the price, a dinner menu will get out!Don't worry, I really tried. for my soul salvation and the possible other future customers, it is said: to enjoy and not be infected by the mystery. As long as this is not solved, I will no longer go to the strudel of the riddle to be pulled back. so please dissolve so that my wife and I can go back to good sense and eat the perfect and enjoy the beautiful ambiente.

5 /5 Bewertung

beste vegetarische 5 Kurse Menü! Ich war schon zweimal dort zu essen. jedes Mal ein perfektes Menü mit passendem Wein oder alkoholfreien Tee. lohnt sich für den Preis auf allen Fällen! Ich konnte das schon vor dem Kamin in einem guten Kaffee nehmen. führt zu einer sehr romantischen Atmosphäre. alle Crimpen wurden durch ihren eigenen Anbau und sonst ausschließlich regionale und internationale Qualitätsprodukte verwendet. Ich kann nur die besten Empfehlungen sagen!

5 /5 Bewertung

ein außergewöhnlicher Ort! voller Ruhe, mit herrlichem Blick auf das Land. ach ja: und mit einfach genialen, leckeren Essen! dank des gesamten Teams eines alapanka ma