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Marktplatz 4, 5310 Mondsee, Austria
78 Bewertungen 4.5

Bei uns können Sie jetzt kostenlos online einen Tisch reservieren und Ihnen dadurch lange Wartezeiten ersparen. Die Buchung können Sie telefonisch oder online hier direkt bei uns durchführen. Wir würden uns sehr freuen, Sie bei uns zu empfangen. Mit Ihrer online Tischreservierung auf unserer Webpage bei uns geht das in weniger als einer Minute! Per Telefon buchen geht aber natürlich auch fix. Mit Ihrer Reservierung helfen Sie uns, uns besser vorzubereiten. Von daher sind wir gleich doppelt dankbar!.

Über Mayrhofer's Genuss Beisl

Jetzt bei Mayrhofer's Genuss Beisl einen Tisch reservieren

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4/5 Rating average

This small restaurant with a tiny kitchen, nonetheless turns out consistently good innovative dishes. This not a typical Austrian schnitzel cuisine, but specialises in Spanish tapas, good lake fish and excellent steak tartar.On all the occasions that we have visited this restaurant we have never been disappointed with the food. The service lacks a friendly approach, but nonetheless is efficient. The prices are reasonable and overall this is a good safe good value restaurant where one doesn't have to wait and wait for meals to arrive. I doubt you will be disappointed and the fact that we frequently return, speaks for itself

1/5 Rating average

We saw the TripAdvisor reviews and were originally excited to try the tapas and seafood at Mayrhofers after visiting Basilica St. Michaels. We arrived slightly earlier than 11:30a, which was the opening time indicated on their web site. As we walked up, we saw a lady setting the tables outside, and we saw another woman sitting inside and already ordering food. After waiting around for a few minutes and not getting acknowledged by the hostess, we walked up and asked if we could be seated. "No," the lady coldly responded, not even looking at us in the eye "twelve o'clock." Then she walked away. We thought we had remembered the time wrong, or perhaps their web site was outdated. So we shrugged it off and walked across the street to the cafe at the Iris hotel. As we were seated outside in front of the Iris Hotel, we saw the same hostess greeting and seating other customers. At first I tried giving her the benefit of the doubt that maybe these people were not customers but their neighbors or employees. However, by 11:45 am we saw all those people (4 tables total) being seated already have bread, drinks and their main dishes being served. Still cannot believe and am unsure why the hostess would lie to us about their open time. Perhaps it had something to do with our non-white skin color? In any case I would NOT recommend this type of service to anyone. The service and food were excellent from the cafe at the Iris hotel right across the street, though! We enjoyed a great meal there despite the hostess at Mayrhofers leaving a sour taste in our mouths earlier. The Iris hotel offered some amazingly fresh salad, melt-in-your-mouth buttery croissant, fresh catch of the day from Mondaee lake, and wonderfully tender beef. Forget about this place with lousy service and possibly a racist attitude. Go across the street instead.