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Bei uns können Sie jetzt kostenlos online einen Tisch reservieren und Ihnen dadurch lange Wartezeiten ersparen. Die Tischreservierung können Sie telefonisch oder online hier direkt bei uns durchführen. Wir würden uns sehr freuen, Sie bei uns zu empfangen. Mit Ihrer online Tischreservierung auf unserer Website bei uns geht das super schnell! Per Handy buchen geht aber natürlich auch fix. Mit Ihrer Reservierung helfen Sie uns, uns besser vorzubereiten. Von daher sind wir gleich doppelt dankbar!.

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Jetzt bei Ristorante Pizzeria Elena einen Tisch reservieren

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3/5 Rating average

visited Tuesday 17. 11 for dinner. Cute environment, service not very careful (we were in 4, not all we had finished the appetizer, they started to shoot, and immediately arrived the dumplings without letting us finish calmly, the bread was not on the table like not even grana/pepee/sale), there is the wine card and no explanation to the same if not that their cost is 40fr a bottle (!!!!!!!!) and 8 fr the glass we ate gnocchi alla sorrentina (they were not on the menu, they kindly prepared it ad hoc), poor portion and some little cooked dumplings for well 18 fr! personally it seems to me a high price for the small portion and especially for gnocchi (I don't think of own production) mozzarella and tomato. Good aperitif pizza: I'd only have to go back to the pizza. Total of the account: 111fr (below in 4 from aperitif, 4 servings of dumplings, liter gas water, 3 glasses of wine, 1 coffee)

4/5 Rating average

I've been to lunch with an old friend... Friendly and helpful staff. We had a good time and I can definitely recommend a gastronomic visit. Special dessert and last offered us their lemon. To improve the main dish matching / contour and positive dessert would not put the whole strawberry,, but clean.