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Fischmarkt 10, Basel 4051, Switzerland
882 Bewertungen 3.8

Sichern Sie sich Ihren Tisch im Subway Fischmarkt, das sich auf Fischmarkt 10, Basel 4051, Switzerland befindet, ganz einfach über die Reservierungsseite. Reserviere jetzt und genieße saftige Gerichte. Sichere einen Tisch durch Anrufen von +41612638585.

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Jetzt bei Subway Fischmarkt einen Tisch reservieren

Donnerstag 11:00 - 20:45

Freitag 11:00 - 20:45 | 11:00 - 21:30

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4 /5 Bewertung

clean and well furnished subway filiale directly at the basler fish market. Eating was usual good and quickly finished.

4 /5 Bewertung

瑞士物價高,外出食飯很貴如果不能自己煮飯的話Subway 是一個很好的選擇價格又便宜又可以填飽肚子想便宜的話是一個不錯的選擇

4 /5 Bewertung

Went there almost 4 times for b`fast in morning due to not so great option in my hotel. Tried Veggie delight all the time as thats the only one for vegetarians. Every time i was the only one so it was silent and peace.Get into any tram number 8,11,16 or anything which goes to Schifflande. Its just < 1 minute walk from tram stop.

5 /5 Bewertung

there are also vegetarian combinations and tasty salads. the menues are particularly favorable. the personal works clean, flash and friendly. free wifi, strong air conditioning, comfortable seats and large windows invite you to stay.

2 /5 Bewertung

You can already take the offer of the day that is a snack (half of the normal measure) without drink or anything for 5 francs because you want a menu. the prices of the sandwiches (half of a normal one, so they all go) go out between 6 and 9 francs, plus 4,50 francs to make it menu (it comes a medium-sized drink and a small potato bag or a biscuit) and if you want to make the big snack, that is, the normal size we have here in spider comes to 6 francs more to add. Anyway, I left 40 euros in a meal because they didn't explain it to me well so be careful that they also charge 2 francs extra cheese, bacon or whatever you want to throw him out.

5 /5 Bewertung

I was in the subway on the fish market in basel this afternoon and had a very nice restaurant experience. the coworker received me, asked me about the brot and meant "so a big man, surely a big sub, or!" I felt the sale recommendation as very fitting, agreed and made him the next step easy - I answered, good and with extra cheese, extra speck and extra meat. he pointed out that this is extra for more meat at the sandwich 6.-, I still wanted more meat, because meat is my sweet! so cost my sub chf 22.50 franc, but every bite was worth his money.There already three customers waited, came a staff member and also she was friendly and fast. Overall I draw my conclusion: super service, fast, qualitatiw (which is very important to me) top, friendly staff, it was all clean - I can only recommend!

3 /5 Bewertung

the service was very nice and in French, for my little family who does not speak a German word, this attention was welcome. a height of 60 chf for 4 people, with each one a sandwich menu, I find it expensive, but being in Swiss, we are totally in the average practiced to shawl. sandwiches are not extraordinary but appetizing and hold well in the belly until the end of the day. the sign is located in the center and is roughly practical during a short break in your exploration of the city. interest: the opening hours are very flexible and you can take at lunch even at 4pm, as we did.

5 /5 Bewertung

I arrived late in the afternoon. It was quiet but staff was very responsive and helpful. Would use this establishment again for a subway sandwich.