Historische Bratwurstküche Zum Gulden Stern Tisch reservieren

Zirkelschmiedsgasse 26, 90402 Nürnberg, Germany
1429 Bewertungen 4.2

Besuche unsere Reservierungsseite, um einen Tisch im Historische Bratwurstküche Zum Gulden Stern zu reservieren, das du unter Zirkelschmiedsgasse 26, 90402 Nürnberg, Germany findest. Verpasse nicht die Chance, die außergewöhnlichen kulinarischen Kreationen zu genießen. Rufe +499112059288 an, um ein kulinarisches Erlebnis zu reservieren.

Über Historische Bratwurstküche Zum Gulden Stern

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Montag 11:00 - 22:00

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Mittwoch 11:00 - 22:00

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5 /5 Bewertung

Excellent German culinary experience. Very cozy historical environment. Worse the best I had. Family friendly. Good value for money.

5 /5 Bewertung

Conveniently located with waling distance to the city center. The atmosphere is great and with all employees wear traditional costume. Food is good, we ordered 6 sausages and double grilled, with acidic onion and potato salad as our sides. Price is reasonable. Very recommended!

5 /5 Bewertung

I guess I was on this place. Book a table to ensure availability, ate as a single guest. Very expensive building in old style inside and outside. Friendly service and the food was delicious. Your signature Nuremberg sausages, if definitely good. (Had a great appetite, so I also tried their larger city sausage). I guess I liked both in their own way. You feel something back in time when you sit here. For an authentic experience and localized food you can safely eat here. I'll be back for seconds.

5 /5 Bewertung

Very delicious food and beer. If you want to try an excellent Bratwurst with Kartofelnsalad and Sauerkraft, I recommend visiting this place.

5 /5 Bewertung

Staff is friendly. She can speak English so it is not so hard order. She offered this spicy whatsoever, I think it is Wasabi in white color The food is great. The portion was for me too big but the staff said it is only for 1 person. . She offered espresso at the end and did not regreted, it was so perfect for me who travel 5hrs going here without sleep..

5 /5 Bewertung

Its a very lovely place in a quiet corner. We went there for dinner and it was great. The price is very good and while the size of the food is not a big a in other similar places, I feel like it's enough. The man who served us was really nice and accommodating. I would recommend making a reservation to eat outside if you go there on a hot day, since the inside runs a little hot due to the fire.

5 /5 Bewertung

Between the amazing charcoal scent, warm atmosphere of the old fraconian era building, and welcoming staff, this place was a pleasure to eat at.

5 /5 Bewertung

Came to have lunch during weekday without reservations, and the place was just so cozy and accommodating! Got a nice table and the waitress was nice in introducing the menu! The food is great and done in front of you! Lovely place to sit outside too! Would love to come back!